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Technologic Mind was founded in 2008.

Our unique competence is the development, application and launch of an international IT&telecom projects, according to specific law of every country involved. Our team includes highly qualified specialists to explore the market and local requirements, adopt the technology and even manage the company at the initial stage before you hire your team. That allows you to start technological business with 2-10 times less expenses that on your own or with a big consultants.

Our main activities:

1. Consulting services in start-up, development and support of a wide range of IT-solutions:
• research the needs of business in IT-infrastructure
• solutions choice for business automation, improve the reliability of IT-systems, data protection
• optimization of costs and resources in selecting, development and support of IT-solutions

2. Creating telecommunication companies in Russia and abroad:

• business concepts
• company creation
• licensing
• numbering resource
• domain names
• choice of a platform for the provision of services
• development of IT architecture and network infrastructure
• lawful interception issues in accordance with local law
• development of project documentation
• headhunting

3. Design and construction of the cloud video surveillance services (VSaaS) on the basis of our own software platform DOZOR for telecom operators and corporate customers.
Video services platform, based on DOZOR, works with IP-based cameras from most of manufacturers and support MPEG4 and H.264 video streams. The typical resolutions from D1 to 5 Mp and higher and fps range from 2 to 30 are supported. Integrated analysis allows motion-based recording, along with highlighting the special areas of motion analysis in the frame and programming proper reaction of the system.
The platform is universal and scalable, that allows to provide services for all market segments (B2C, B2B, B2O). We provide SLA-based support for major accounts from B2B and B2O segments